About Us

About Faith Corporation

Faith Corporation Limited is Silica-gel Manufacturer, Supplier & all kinds of chemical Importer. All the time “We Assure Quality First

Faith Corporation Limited is a real Manufacturer for all kinds of Silica-Gel in Bangladesh. We insure Quality first also have to-bound on party requirements. We import all raw materials for maintaining Quality best.

What is Silica-Gel?

Maximum person don’t know that, what’s the work for Silica-Gel ? Mainly Silica-Gel can save a product from early damage. Silica-Gel is a very significant product. Basically it’s use for absorbing moisture. We can use it with Cloth, Lather, Medicine, electric parts. Mainly its use with garments exports product and Medicine items. Silica-Gel is a main product for this Company.

Our Mission?

Some manufacturer, they produce this product by damage chemical, for this reason Bangladesh lose valuable foreign buyer. We don’t want that, Bangladesh would not lose any valuable foreign buyers again for this product.